About Us

The Townville & District Beekeepers Association Inc is THE bee club for North Queensland. It services an area the size of the Netherlands and we have members travelling >130km to most meetings. We cater to all beekeepers, from backyarders with a single hive to semi-commercial operators with >150 hives. Want some more info? Here's an article written about us in DUO magazine:


Thinking of beekeeping but don’t know where to start?

No problem! Come to a meeting and we can help you get started. Advice, equipment, bees, the works... we even have a club shop with equipment at very competitive prices! We will mentor you from beginner through to seasoned pro!

Next Meeting:

Date: Sunday 17 Feb 2019

Time: 10am

Where: 47 Mclean St, Gulliver

Hosts: Sonya Verbrugt

Bring a chair!


Our club aims:

  1. increase the knowledge of bees and the bee culture
  2. improve the standard of beekeeping among beekeepers, and to assist with the formation of sub-branches and to affiliate with similar bodies.
  3. assist in the study of subjects allied and relevant to apiculture
  4. foster intelligent observation and good practical handling of bees.
  5. afford advice and assistance to beginners, particularly in overcoming their early difficulties..
  6. arrange lectures, discussions, demonstrations and field days for the benefit of members.
  7. assist members in obtaining suitable apiculture material.
  8. conduct and encourage experimental work connected with the beekeeping industry.
  9. assist members with and by acquisition of equipment.
  10. provide a means whereby apiarists may be represented through a common organization for the welfare of the industry.
  11. protect natural honey resources and to protect the unnecessary destruction of honey-producing flora.

Pollination services

Are you a commercial fruit or vegetable grower? We have members who have registered businesses and contract their hives for pollination services. If you would like some more information about this, send an email to info@beesnorth.com.au.