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Townsville & District Beekeepers Association

The Townsville & District Beekeepers Association Inc is the largest bee club in Queensland with over 400 members. We cater to all beekeepers, from backyarders with a single hive to to semi-commercial operators with over 100 hives, as well as to native bee enthusiasts.


Thinking of keeping bees?

There is no doubt that the best way to get started is by joining your local beekeeping club. At the Townsville and District Beekeepers Association we can help not only with information, but with equipment and bees too – everything you need to get started!

Brood Frame
Drone Brood

Bees are the ultimate social insect. This aspect, and the products so generously provided by the bees, makes beekeeping one of the most enduring and rewarding hobbies you could wish for. 

Bees are the ultimate polinator too. It is estimated that one in three mouthfuls we eat is thanks to bees.

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Sunday, 21 November 2021

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*We usually meet the third Sunday of the month


Want to become a member?

Joining as a member of Townsville & District Beekeeper’s Association gives you access to our club benefits & resources. The grand total for a full year’s membership is … $30.00! Membership fees are due in August each year, prior to the  AGM in October.